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The Guild's Code of Conduct


1       Introduction

This code has been drawn up to set standards of personal and professional conduct which will establish and sustain the highest reputation of the Manx Competitive Music, Speech and Dance Festival (also known as ‘The Guild’).

It applies to all people involved with or representing the Guild and working to help achieve its aims.

2       The Code of Conduct

2.1 We will deal fairly and honestly with our colleagues, partners, donors, sponsors, teachers, entrants, stewards, accompanists, adjudicators and the public at large.

2.2  We will be loyal to and positively promote the reputation, integrity and aims of the Manx Music Festival, avoiding any act which may bring the organisation into disrepute.

2.3  We will speak supportively of decisions made through the fair and proper processes of decision-making in the organisation.

2.4 We will act on decisions taken and respond diligently to requests for information.

2.5  We will act within the law and within any relevant statutory and regulatory codes.

2.6  We will act in accordance with the policies and procedures of the organisation including our Child Protection Policy. 

2.7  We will declare any personal interest which might conflict with or be seen by others to affect our ability to perform our duties fairly and impartially.

2.8  We will not accept any gift or money (other than a small token), which has been proffered as a result of our positions in the Festival unless they are donations to the organisation. We will not knowingly enter into financial transactions or be a signatory or beneficiary of any document (including cheques) unless authorised to do so.

2.9  We will treat all information relating to the organisation and its commercial interests as strictly private and confidential.

2.10 We will ensure that all relevant health and safety rules are adopted and will take reasonable care to ensure health and safety.

2.11 We are committed to the principle of equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, marital status, sexual preference, age, ethnic origin, disability or religion, both in the provision of our services and in employment practices.

2.12 We will perform our duties as agreed by the Executive Committee, undertaking such training as may be required.

2.13 We will not undertake any task or duty we do not feel confident to perform.

2.14 We are aware that any conduct contrary to the code of conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the Company’s Article of Association.



Agreed by the Executive Committee

23rd February 2018

Countdown to Festival

Days Hours Minutes Seconds
27th April - 4th May 2019

Congratulations to the winners of trophies for 2018. Please ensure that you return your trophy clean, engraved and in good condition to Peter Norris Music, Bucks Road, Douglas by Saturday, 30th March 2019. Thank you.


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