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New Dance Classes

Additional Dance classes were introduced at the 2016 Festival. We are conscious of the interest in the Island in all forms of dance and would like to give people the opportunity to perform and compete against their peers without the cost and inconvenience of travelling off-island. 

In 2016 we introduced Solo Ballet, Group Modern and Duet Character classes in three age groups. From 2017 there will also be Tap. 

The classes will take place on the wonderful Royal Hall at the Villa Marina so there will be plenty of room for your friends and family to come and watch.

A 'Competing in Dance' workshop was held on 15th November, 2015 at the Villa Marina Arcade in Douglas. Jill Baldock, a renowned dancer, choreographer and producer delivered an inspirational and informative workshop. Jill was assisted by dancers, Alex Walker, Chloe Corrin and Kiara Mackey kindly participated whose participation allowing Jill to demonstrate how adjudicators give feedback and just what they are looking for in a performance.

The Island's dancers, their teachers and parents were treated to an afternoon of tips and information about how to get the most out of competing in a Festival.  Jill told everyone that a competitor is judged on their entire performance, which begins even before the music does. The adjudicator will notice the focus of a competitor's eyes for example.

Jill, whose claims to fame include appearing on Top of The Pops and in the West End, reminded the attendees at the workshop of the importance of always listening to criticism, as it is the best way to improve - a vital element of competition. Jill said, particularly of young people, "if they listen, they'll learn".

On her first visit here, Jill was impressed with the 123-year old Guild, now sponsored by Dandara, saying "the longevity of established art is fantastic".

Jill thinks that the introduction of new dance classes is 'marvellous' and she was encouraged by the number of big dance schools on the Isle of Man. She says there is no doubt that competitive dance 'ups standards' and that it will be a welcome inception for us.

"As a dancer you should never sit back. You should always be out to improve physique and technique" and these are certainly wise words that our Island's talented dancers can hang on to.

The Manx Music Festival would like to thank Jill Baldock for her ideas, her passion and her time.

It would also like to thank local dancers who gave short demonstrations of routines in order for Jill to give a thorough appraisal. Something which will only serve to make them even better!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful in years to come when dancers have gone on to big things for them to say "it all began for me at the Manx Music Festival"."

If you would like to know more about  the classes please contact the Festival Secretary, Jacqueline Yates on 614725.

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20th April - 28th April 2018

Congratulations to the winners of trophies for 2017. Please ensure that you return your trophy clean, engraved and in good condition to Peter Norris Music, Bucks Road, Douglas by Saturday, 31st March 2018. Thank you.


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